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Koninderie Billabong


In the girraween, which is the place of many flowers, there is a freshwater pool called the Rainbow Billabong. There lives the shy platypus, a variety of fish, frogs, reptiles, and beautifully-coloured insects like butterflies, beetles and dragonflies.

One day, Yoouaia, the corroboree frog, came hopping from the forest and landed with a plop into the pool almost on top of platypus. He was so out of breath he could hardly talk. When he finally managed to speak he croaked, 'Monsters! Two fearful-looking monsters.'

By this time, several creatures had joined them and began to giggle. Because so secret was the billabong's location, that up to that moment, other than the creatures living there, no other creature had ever been there, let alone 'fearful-looking monsters'.

The monsters that Youlia had referred to were Moodai and Bilana, two young people that had fallen in love. But because they were from different tribes, they were forbidden to marry, so they had run away.

They had travelled for many days and were very thirsty. Then they spotted Youaia and believed that he was a spirit. When he suddenly hopped into the forest, they followed him and discovered the Rainbow Billabong. They dropped to their knees to refresh themselves just as platypus swam to the surface to get a closer look at them. When Moodai saw this strange creature he drew back and asked if he too was a spirit.

Platypus laughed. 'There are no spirits here,' he said, then added, "But we have never seen anything like you two before. Are you monsters?'

Moodai chuckled, then told their story.

Platypus listened carefully then slipped below the surface. A moment later he returned and told them that he had spoken to his friends and they had agreed that they could stay with them if they wish. And so it was. Moodai and Bilana set up camp and became creatures of the Rainbow Billabong and lived happily with their new friends.

And where is this secret place? Well, the answer is in the question, isn't it?

Burramadagal clan of the Dharrug tribe

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