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Yulunga and the Watagora


The Watagora were a people who lived in an area that encompassed what is now Granville and Guildford, New South Wales. They were a happy people who hunted kangaroos, wallabies and emus that were abundant, and caught fish, eels and waterfowl in the river marking their eastern boundary—now called the Duck River—and they were content.

However, their contentment came to an end when a strange people entered their land and treated it as their own. The Watagora warriors were angered by their disrespect and made several attempts to defend their land. But the strangers were too many and very powerful, and fought them off each time.

Something had to be done because the strangers were great hunters and in time killed most of the animals. So, the Watagora elders appealed to the spirits for their help.

At first, it seemed the spirits had abandoned them. Then one day, after a rainstorm when the sun shone, Yulunga, the rainbow snake, appeared in the sky and chased the strangers away; and it remained there with the Watagora to ensure that the strangers never returned.

Yulunga sleeps in the Duck River to this day and may be seen when the sun shines after rain, patrolling the sky and protecting the people.

Burramadagal clan of the Dharrug tribe


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